Private Wealth


Trust Management Solutions

A trust’s formation is  a complex matter – from understanding your wishes to setting up corporate structures.

Our Associates are experienced in engaging with various Trust related matters. We will take the time to understand your circumstances, learn about your needs and help pave the way for you.

We have been trusted by many clients on setting up of trust structures, amalgamation of assets and structuring of family wealth and assets.


Family Office Solutions

Singapore is well known as Asia’s Wealth Hub. With its stable political environment, strong currency and ease of setting up businesses, regional private family offices have chosen Singapore as the destination of choice.

Our Associates will guide you every step of the way in setting up your family office in Singapore including obtaining residency status, set up of corporate structures and seamlessly integrating you in.

Private Investments

Singapore’s status as a financial hub gives you unprecedented access to fixed-income, public equities and private investments. Tisch Global is honored to be at the forefront of private investment advisory.

You can invest directly through your family office or institutional investors. With firsthand access to over 100 venture capital and private equity funds with quality deal flow, allow us to help you navigate the investment landscape.

Virtual Private Office

Shared Family Office

Centralise your family office’s finance and administration functions. Tisch Global is proud to have extensive experience in fund administration, financial accounting and corporate secretarial administration. Also gain exclusive access to our co-working space – a private enclave when you are visiting Singapore or the region.