Microsoft 365 Essentials

Leverage Microsoft 365 as a new productivity tool to bring cutting edge collaborative working to your company. Microsoft 365 and its suite of solutions like Word, Powerpoint, Teams, SharePoint Online and Co-Pilot amongst others enable companies to work remotely in this new world.

Course Information

Our Microsoft 365 course is designed to introduce the basics of collaborative working on Microsoft 365. Learn how to use Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams among other tools to enable seamless working amongst your team.

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Syllabus:

Module 1:

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Productivity Apps

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft 365

  • Overview of Microsoft 365 (M365) and its components
  • Understanding the cloud-based collaboration and productivity suite
  • Benefits of using M365 for individuals and organizations

Module 1A: Administration of accounts

  • Using the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Managing and viewing user licenses
  • Managing user log in/security and authentication methods (Microsoft Entra Admin Center)
  • Overview of devices
  • Overview of Domain set up
  • Overview of reports and usage

Module 2: Microsoft 365 Applications

Submodule 2.1: SharePoint

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Create a Team or Communications Site
  • Create a Site in SharePoint
    • Add a document, list or library
  • Exploring teams site in SharePoint
    • Add news post or news link
    • Changing the look
    • Use search to find files on the site
  • Use, folder and update a sharepoint list
  • Manage large list and libraries
  • Restore items in the recycle bin
    • Bin keeps documents for 93 days
  • Add a news post
  • Create a page
  • Collaborating in SharePoint
    • Editing documents

Submodule 2.1: Word

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Basic document creation and formatting
  • Collaboration features (real-time editing, comments)
  • Advanced features (styles, templates, mail merge)

Submodule 2.2: Excel

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Data entry and basic formulas
  • Data analysis with charts and graphs
  • Collaboration in Excel (co-authoring, sharing)

Submodule 2.3: PowerPoint

  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Creating and designing presentations
  • Slide transitions and animations
  • Collaboration features in PowerPoint

Submodule 2.4: Outlook

  • Overview of Microsoft Outlook
  • Email management and organization
  • Calendar and scheduling features
  • Contacts and tasks

Submodule 2.5: Teams

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Chat, video calls, and meetings
  • Collaboration in channels
  • Integrating apps and third-party services

Submodule 2.6: OneNote

  • Overview of Microsoft OneNote
  • Note-taking and organization
  • Collaboration and sharing notebooks

Module 3: Microsoft OneDrive set up

  • Giving access to members and team members
  • Adding OneDrive locally on your folder

Module 4: Dropsuite Backup

  • Overview of Dropsuite: Why Dropsuite?
  • Dropsuite backup and restoration
  • Dropsuite email archiving (if applicable)

Module 5: Microsoft Stream

  • What is Microsoft Stream?
  • How to use it

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Course Details

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for the following:

  • Managers in SMEs
  • IT Professionals
  • Business owners
  • Individuals

Why should I attend this course?

This course will enable you to understand Microsoft 365 and its collaborative working features.

How do I register for this course?

Write in to contact us for registration.

Do I need to have access to any software?

That is not required. We will provide you access to Microsoft 365.

Is this course open to public?

Yes! This course is meant for public registration.

More questions? Write in to us at hello[at]tischglobal<dot>com or drop us a WhatsApp!

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Based on Google reviews